Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

When was the last time you tested your backups to see if you can recover from a disaster? We can offer a comprehensive backup solution both on-site and in the cloud to give you peace of mind.

It’s one thing to put in measures to help prevent a disaster, but have you ever tested your disaster plan?

A disaster isn’t necessarily a dramatic environmental affect that is out of your control.  If your business relies heavily on Internet and Wide-Area Network Communications, the loss of those services can be regarded as a disaster in itself.  What if a crucial internal system such as your financial software fails?  The goal of any Disaster Recovery Plan is to provide a comprehensive step-by-step procedure for the recovery of disrupted systems and networks.

The process of developing a Disaster Recovery Plan consists of :-

  • Critical Application Assessment
  • Back-Up Procedures
  • Recovery Procedures
  • Implementation Procedures
  • Test Procedures
  • Plan Maintenance

BizLinQ technology can help you assess your current systems and develop a Disaster Recovery Plan that suits your business.