Let us be your business’s IT department employing pro-active measures and real-time monitoring.


Let us be your IT department and improve the reliability and availability of your IT systems by having BizLinQ Technology proactively manage your IT environment.

This is our premium support offering. Managed Services is a fixed cost agreement whereby the number of support hours that are to be provided is negotiated. With our Managed Services Agreement, we consider ourselves to be your very own IT department and manage every aspect of your IT environment.

Our team is experienced in managing large enterprise systems supporting several hundred employees through to the SMB market with only a handful of employees. No site is too large, or too small.

Some of the benefits of having an Managed Services Agreement are :

  1. Fix your IT Expenditure

    Your IT Support Costs are fixed for a 12 month period which takes the gamble out of estimations when preparing your budgets.

  2. Outsource not Employ

    Employing your own resources can be very expensive. Not only to hire but also to ensure their IT skills are kept up to date, and unfortunately, they may not live up to your expectations. Having a Managed Services Agreement means you will have a number of highly experienced and skilled IT Support Staff at your disposal.

  3. Experience

    With our combined experience, there are few problems that we have never encountered. An in-house IT employee is isolated and no matter how much they train, will never get the exposure that our engineers get across many different systems.

  4. Focus on Your Business

    Businesses have limited resources, and every manager has limited time and attention. A Managed Services Agreement will let you concentrate on your core business without the distraction of IT issues.

  5. Level the Playing Field

    A Managed Services Agreement will give you access to a team with a wealth of knowledge and experience that can provide the solutions you want to make your business thrive. You too can be at the same level of those larger businesses that can afford to finance their own IT department.

  6. Compliance and Security

    Are your systems up to date? Is your AntiVirus software updating as it should? Is your data secure? A Managed Services Agreement will ensure that your systems are both compliant and secure.

BizLinQ Technology’s Managed Services Agreement comprises of the following :

  • Management of your Server & Desktop Systems
  • Network Management
  • Live Network and System Monitoring of your IT infrastructure
  • Daily tasks such as checking Backups
  • Monthly Report indicating support provided, tasks completed and overall system health
  • Attend management meetings to discuss any IT operational issues.
  • Project Management
  • Full access to our customer portal where all work performed can be reviewed
  • 24 x 7 access to support
  • Negotiable – develop a Managed Services Agreement that suits you and your business



Ensuring a professional, reliable solution fully supported by the vendor.

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