Providing both on-site and off-site support for businesses of all sizes.


Help when you need it! BizLinQ Technology can provide both on-site and off-site support. We support customers based in Perth through to Albany and everything in between. We’ve got you covered!

Our dedicated team of system engineers are ready to provide you with the best possible support for your IT systems.

Whether we attend your site, or resolve the issue remotely, all details of the actions performed are recorded into our World-Class Ticketing system where you will be kept up to date with the progress of your support call. Using our Customer Portal, you will have access to the support calls you have raised where you can view the details of what our team has done to resolve your issue, the time it has taken, and the ability to add more information to the the ticket yourself.

Adhoc Support

This is our most basic offering of providing IT services. If you need assistance to resolve an issue, but do not wish to sign up an ongoing support agreement, then we can provide support to resolve the issue at hand, however, you will not have access to the customer portal and we will endeavour to respond as soon as resources become available.

Pre-Paid Support

PrePaid Support provides customers with an avenue to purchase a number of IT Support hours in advance of our services being engaged. IT Support is provided when requested and the time taken to resolve logged calls is deducted from the balance of PrePaid hours. Once the balance of hours reaches a minimum amount, BizLinQ will send another invoice to “top-up” the number of hours in your PrePaid Support account.

Pre-Paid customers have access to our customer portal where you can login and create, review, modify and even close off support tickets recorded against your organisation. You will also receive a monthly report detailing the support tickets that have been progressed for the month.

The PrePaid Support agreement is considered to be “reactive” and as such we do not provide any services unless instructed to do so.

Pre-Paid+ Support

This agreement is a slight variation on the standard PrePaid Support Agreement. You nominate a fixed number of authorised hours that BizLinQ can use from your account each month to provide a level of “pro-active” support. This includes a preventative maintenance program for your systems under which the following additional services are provided :-

  • Ensure Servers are operating within performance requirements.
  • Check AntiVirus software to ensure updates are occurring regularly.
  • Ensure adequate storage is available.
  • Check Backup logs.
  • Check System Event Logs for any system/application errors.
  • Remote Monitoring of System Alerts.
  • Check software versions.
  • Firewall/Security sanity check.
Managed Services

This is our premium support offering. Click Here to read the huge range of services that we provide on a fixed-cost agreement.

24 x 7 Support

BizLinQ Technology provides 24 x 7 emergency support for all of it’s customer on a support agreement.



Ensuring a professional, reliable solution fully supported by the vendor.

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