Network Design

Network Design

Your network is the glue that holds your IT services together.  If you don’t have quality equipment with robust structured cabling you may not be getting the best performance out of your systems.

With many years of experience, and industry contacts that are experts in their field, BizLinQ Technology can review and provide recommendations to ensure you get the most out of your network infrastructure.

Our range of solutions include :-

Network Switches
The absolute essential to a fast performing network is the quality of network switch used.  BizLinQ Technology can source anything from Enterprise Grade to SMB targetted devices.

Firewall Devices
As per our Security Services, our firewall solutions include full management and monitoring against internet based threats.

Wireless Communications
The number of wireless networks are ever increasing and a quality wireless solution will ensure the best performance possible despite the interference of other wireless networks close by.

Structured Cabling
Get that mass of cables organised.  Structured Cabling will remove combinations of different cables and give you a single cabling methodology for all or your IT and Communications requirements.  BizLinQ Technology works with a fully accredited cabling contractor who has been in the industry for well over 25 years.  Their list of accreditations include :

  • Australian Standards Premises wiring systems
  • Australian Communications Media Authrority Regulations (ACMA)
  • Cat6 & Cat6A UTP cable installation practices
  • Principles for Local Area Network systems
  • Optical Fibre systems installation, testing & certification

Whether you are planning a new office and need the basic infrastructure, need to inter-connect 1 or more branches, or you have performance issues with your existing network, BizLinQ Technology have the knowledge and know how to get it sorted.