Today businesses face damaging cyber attacks that risk their data but can also put them in breach of the Privacy Act.


The threat from a cyber attack from the internet is no longer something you just hear about, it’s now a reality that it is likely that you will be affected from an attempt to disrupt operations or even worse, steal your data.

With an ever increasingly connected world the need to secure your IT systems have never been more important. BizLinQ Technology can provide a complete security solution for your business.

Implement Security Policies

We can review who has access to your data and provide recommendations as to how best to secure your data based on a needs basis. Identifying functional groups of users based on their role and granting appropriate permissions based on what they need access to is a great start to securing your data.

Data Protection

Defining who has access is just a small part of protecting on your data. Technologies such as file encryption and the use of an Enterprise Class Anti-Virus System are solutions that the team at BizLinQ Technology can employ to ensure your data is protected.

Vulnerability and Patch Management

BizLinQ Technology’s support agreements can all have a preventative maintenance program included which will make sure all software is up to date with the latest security patches, your Anti-Virus software is operating as it should, and your firewall is running the latest version of it’s firmware. A preventative maintenance program is a must to ensure your systems are protected from the latest vulnerabilities.

New Technologies

Attacks and intrusion techniques are getting more sophisticated than even before. BizLinQ Technology can supply and manage the latest generation of firewalls and endpoint security. By investing in new technologies, it will help you stay one step ahead.

Backups, Backups, Backups

To ensure you can recover your data, not only from a security breach, virus infection or even an environmental disaster, you need to ensure you have adequate backups. We don’t believe having a single solution backup is enough to ensure total protection and recommend a combination of onsite, offsite and in the cloud backup solutions.



Ensuring a professional, reliable solution fully supported by the vendor.

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